DreamTime by itself is only a user interface and requires other components to work properly:

  • DreamPower. A fork of the DeepNude algorithm. It is a command line program that uses the data models to create the fake nudes.
  • Checkpoints. The data models.

DreamTime Updater allows you to install and keep DreamTime, DreamPower and checkpoints up to date.


Each component has its own section with information and links about the project at the top, at the bottom you can find the update process and the settings, if any.

When you are ready press the Download button and the updater will start downloading the update file from an available server, you can see the progress of the download or a button to cancel it. Once the download has finished the updater will start to install the file automatically and in the end it will restart DreamTime automatically.


Files downloaded by the updater will be saved in the Downloads folder of your operating system.

Manual Update

Depending on various factors, the updater may have trouble downloading or installing components automatically, in this case it will be necessary to install the update manually.


If the problem occurs when downloading the file, please click on the Mirrors button to see a list of links where you can download the component using your web browser.

In case the Mirrors button does not work or for any other reason you can download the components from these links:




Once you have the file use the following instructions to perform the manual installation:


  • Click the button AppData to open the AppData folder of DreamTime.
  • Create a folder called dreampower, if it exists, delete it and create it again.
  • Extract the contents of the 7z file (you can use the 7-Zip program) into the dreampower folder you just created.
  • Restart DreamTime. 🥳


  • Click the button DreamPower to open the folder where DreamPower is installed.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file into the folder.
  • Make sure you have the checkpoints folder with 3 files inside.
  • Restart DreamTime. 🥳